"I keep sayin, dream setlist!!  It's always fun to see people dancing to Iron Maiden's Trooper!!  :)"

"Saw you guys down at the Snout! Great show! Great music! I'll be waiting for more! Great Job"

"what a kick ass band. first time seeing them last night at Cornell lake campground and they frickin rock!! what an amazing set list, every song was just awesome!! took our 10 year old son who was super excited because he loves 70s and 80s rock and metal and plays guitar and drums. after the show, the one guitar player let him come up on stage and play his guitar. our son has never been so excited, and everyone in the band was so nice and encouraging to him. all of you truly inspired him.  he will NEVER forget that. thank you guys, that was truly incredible. we will definitely be back to see you guys play every chance we get."

"You guys were great,  can't wait til next time!"

"I appreciate your help and love having you guys play! I wouldn't want anyone else "

"Friday night, incredible 2nd X-IT performing at Trails End!  Grateful, I know more fans have joined the ranks!  Love it when Men become captivated watching band's play!"


"It was a blast!!

"We were happy to just be there!! Sounded Great and a lot of fun" 

Gotta get my booty back into shaking mode!! You guys rock!!" 

"Great hard rock and classic rock band...all parts are awesome...They do a phenomenal job.  Lead singer hits incredible high notes, 2 6 string and 1 bass guitar...super tight and clean.  And an awesome drummer that could be Chris Slade...not sure...Check them out, you will be glad you did." 

"Great band! Not too many bands around here rock the Iron Maiden deep cuts. They played at The Snout many times in the 5ish years i tended there. great group of guys" 

"You guys put on a great show...Thanks" 

 "I haven't seen my husband that excited to see a live band and enjoy himself so much since Godsmack. You brought him back to his roots and I thank you deeply for that. Thanks to 2nd Xit and the energy and the fact you play songs i do not know, I am ready to learn more about the songs you play." 

"It was an Amazing show! Never disappointed!!" 

“I want to say Thank You to "2nd X-it" for the Great job of playing at Road 2 Freedom MRO Inc. First Hogg Roast Fundraiser. Many Great comments about the band and where did we find this Great Rock Band? These guys are all Local and can Rock the house away. Look up Scott Powers and his group for your entertainment needs. Thank you from: -R2F MRO Inc. Management and Members” 

"Amazing band!" 

"If you haven't seen the band 2nd x-it you have to.  They are amazing!! Cheers to the best lead singer I know!" 

"Talk about bringing back the obscure Eighties Rock!! Seen them last night at Sweeneys y GO by. I was very impressed.." 

“It is a truly great band! The Lead singer puts his heart into his vocals, and Scott really knows his stuff playing his bass! The whole band is awesome!” 

“Enjoyed 2nd X-it last night at the Snout! Classic Rock at its finest” 


"Just saw them last weekend, Larry is singing better than ever and the band sounds amazing! Get out and see them at your first opportunity." 


"Great songs performed exceptionally well!!!!"


Notable List of Recent Venues / Events 

Chippewa Falls Harley Davidson Grand Opening 

Buffalo River Rock Rally - Fairchild

Northwoods Rock Rally - Glen Flora 

Fairchild Downtown Fun Fest 

Homegrown Music Fest – Ladysmith 

KevFest - Strum 

HortFest – Lake Hallie 

2nd Amendment Freedom Day – Westgate Sportsman’s – Eau Claire 


The Hundreds and Hundreds of Incredible Venues we have had the Honor to Rock over the Last 38 Years!

We Thank You!!!